Memorable Ottawa

We visited Ottawa over the summer,

Lily Daily - Ottawa - Parliament






Lily Daily - Parliament

Lily Daily - Parliament - Library

Lily Daily - Parliament2















Our most memorable moments were:

Witnessing Arnold Chan being sworn in as MP of Scarborough, Agincourt:

Lily Daily - MP - Arnold Chan - Sworn In





Lily Daily - Signatures

Lily Daily - Witness Sworn In











Having high tea at Chateau Laurier with Jean and the first time with my boys:

Lily Daily - High Tea - Chateau Laurier






And of course an Ottawa trip would be incomplete if you didn’t actually hold the solid 24k gold bar at the Mint – it is waaaaaaaay heavier than it looks!

Lily Daily - 24k gold bar






Great trip!

‘Till next time,

xox Lily.

Pan Fried Pork Chops

This is another simple-y delicious recipe:

Pound pork chops with a meat tenderizer:

Lily Daily - Pork Chops






Add 1tablespoon of soy sauce:

Lily Daily - Pork Chop & Soy sauce






Combine it well with meat:

Lily Daily - Pork Chop with Soy Sauce






Add 1 teaspoon of corn starch:

Lily Daily - Pork Chop & Corn Starch






Coat meat well:

Lily Daily - Pork Chop with Corn Starch






Heat Oil using medium heat:

Lily Daily - Heat Oil






Add pork chops.  Turn heat to medium-low, cook for 3 minutes:

Lily Daily - Add Pork Chops






Remember to cover it so less oil “jumps” out and make a mess:

Lily Daily - Cover with screen






Flip, cook the other side for 3 minutes:

Lily Daily - Turn pork chop






All done!  Mmmmmmmmm…….

Lily Daily - Pork Chops all done





Till next time,

xox Lily.

Children’s Wish Walk

Last month, the boys went on Children’s Wish Foundation’s Walk For Wishes in loving memory of their little friend’s sister who recently passed away from brain tumour.

Wishmaker Walk for Wishes is The Children’s Wish Foundation’s annual signature event held in hundreds of communities across the country. Thousands of Canadians participate in a fun, family-oriented day with one goal in common: to raise money so that children living with a life threatening illness can be granted their most heartfelt wish.

Lily Daily - Children's Wish






It was a beautiful, hot, sunny day.  After xkm…. and almost an hour later

Lily Daily - Children's Wish1








Ya, they did it!

Lily Daily - Chilren's Wish2







‘Till next time,

xox Lily.

Hola Chuy’s

As soon as we entered Chuy’s, which serves authentic Mexican cuisine in Orlando

Lily Daily - Chuy's Mexican Restaurant






we were greeted by Elvis:

Lily Daily - Chuys Elvis







The kids had the most delicious hard shell Tacos

Lily Daily - Chuy's Mexican kids taco








and Cheese Dillas:

Lily Daily - Chuy's Mexican dillas








The chicka-chicka Boom-Boom (roasted, hand-pulled chicken with Boom-Boom sauce) was spicy and full of flavour:

Lily Daily - Chuy's chika chika boom boom







The steak burrito was finger-licking good:

Lily Daily - Chuy's Mexican Steak





The free chip & salsa dip were equally impressive:

Lily Daily - Chuy's Mexican Nacho






Even though our tongues burned as we waved good bye to the Queen, our tummies were very happy with such a delicious treat!

Lily Daily - Chuy's Mexican Art








‘Till next time,

xox Lily.

Wizards At Work

Arrived at Hogsmead:

Lily Daily - Wizard at work

Found Olivander’s, so many wands to choose from…..  decisions, decisions…

Lily Daily - wizards at work1

Found it!  Can you guess which one was picked?….

Lily Daily - Wizard at work2

Let’s test it….  “Expelliarmus!” 

Lily Daily - Wizard at work5
























Lily Daily - Wizard at work4


Lily Daily - Wizard at work3

Watch out, dementors are coming, need to get away fast!…

Lily Daily - wizards at work

…..successfully apparitioned to Diagon Alley:

Lily Daily - Diagon alley

Watch out!!

Lily Daily - Dragon fire

Phew!  Safely ducked into the Leaky Cauldron…. just in time to grab a bite and drink butter beer..

Lily Daily - Wizard at work6

Full and sleepy now.  The Knight Bus is here, time to go home..

Lily Daily - Knight bus

‘Till next time!

xox Lily.

Bahama Breeze

Can’t believe the summer just flew by and we’re well into October!  

It’s been a while since I last posted, I’ll do summer catch up later.  In the mean time, we tried island food at Bahama Breeze in Orlando the other day and we ate:

Fish Taco:

Lily Daily - Bahama Breeze - Fish Taco






Calypso Shrimp Linguine:

Lily Daily - Bahama Breeze - Calypso Shrimp Linguine






and Seafood Paella:

Lily Daily - Bahama Breeze - Seafood Paella






All of us came out happy and stuffed!

Lily Daily - Bahama Breeze

‘Till next time,

xox Lily.