Caching Them All Over – Blogging To Earn Journal Week 4

During recent visits to my blog, I have been experiencing “download rigour mortis” – your limbs are frozen stiff to the point where they feel like corpse and you can’t move – all due to the fact that the pages took forever to load!  ; )  Excess load times can limit traffic to your blog, lower Google search rank for your site and drive visitors away.  Caching them all over might do the trick to speed up the loading process and keep visitors on your blog longer.

Caching Them All Over

What does that mean?  Simply put, caching is the process of saving data or posts on your computing storage so that when you want to view it again, your computer can quickly load that page as opposed to requesting for the same information all over again, hence experiencing a lag in getting the data.  A properly set up caching plug-in will make your pages and website load faster and shorten the annoying lag time.

The top two FREE WordPress caching plug-Ins to use to improve the efficiency of your blog are WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, here’s a good article about the comparison between the two.

I chose W3 Total Cache and here’s a detailed, well written walk through to show you the proper set up. This week, I’m going to focus on decreasing the lag time and improving load speed.    Hopefully, this will further increase my blog traffic!

I am happy to report that ever since my last week’s Blogging To Earn Journal Week 3 post, where I focused consistently on posting blogs with green light SEOs, I have been receiving well over 1,000 visits per day to as a result!  I believe including many relevant popular links to my posts did the trick.  I will continue to go through my old posts and get all of them SEO green light ready.  Can’t wait to see the results once they’re all done!

‘Till next time,

xox Lily.

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