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Knitted Burberry Inspired Cowl

One Skein Cowl Burberry Inspired Cowl

If you wanted to make a beautiful hand knitted gift for someone special and you’re short of time and only had one ball …

A - Z Blog Challenge Lily Daily

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 2016

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 2016 (UPDATED) A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 2016 I am fairly new to blogging consistently …

Latest Knitting Project

Latest Knitting Project

This is my Latest Knitting Project.  I always have a knitting project on the go.  I enjoy knitting the most either when …

Hand Knitted Wool Socks

Hand Knitted Wool Socks

My kids love the Hand Knitted Wool Socks I make for them.  I always use 100% wool and try to buy the …

Simply Beautiful knitted slippers

Simply Beautiful Knitted Slippers

These Simply Beautiful Knitted Slippers are so easy to make.  They are the perfect thing to wear on a cold winter’s day. …

Knitted Hat - Finito!

Knitted Hat – Finito!

Knitted hat – finito!  Yipee!  I’m so excited because I completed the knitting project/experiment I  posted the other day! Knitted Hat – Finito! …

Recycled Knitted Hat

Knitted Hat All Recycled

I am always fascinated by different ways of reusing an item that seems old or has come to the end of their …

Fishermen's Wool Cabled Cowl

Fishermen’s Wool Cabled Cowl

I finally fished the knitted cowl (Fishermen’s Wool Cabled Cowl) I started a few weeks ago. Fishermen’s Wool Cabled Cowl This is a …

Knitted Cowls

I love knitted cowls.  This is my latest knitting project.  I love knitting cowls (also know as neck warmers) because they take …

Holiday Challenge – Day 7

Pearl and Swarovski crystal combo – simple, elegant. ‘Till next time, xox Lily. Please follow and like us:

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