Day 30 – Earring Selfie Challenge

This is the finale to my 30 day earring selfie challenge – swarovski crystals and freshwater pearl hooped earrings – hopefully, I ended with a bang!

Lily Daily - Day 30 Earring Challenge Lily Daily - Day 30 Selfie Challenge

This 30 day challenge was definitely a feat – it was often hard to find the time to actually create a  new decent pair of earrings, take a selfie and post them in the blog.  It was very enjoyable though and I’ve created some memorable pieces.  I will try to keep the creative juices going! : )

Now that I have all these earrings, I shall set up an Etsy store one day soon – this will bring me one step closer to my dream…. raising money to help economically disadvantaged children.  I will get there, one baby step at a time!…

By the way, which one (which day) is your favourite?   Can’t wait to hear from you!

‘Till next time,

xox Lily.

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