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I love to cook, knit, design and make jewelries!  I am a photographer-wanna-be and traveller, once upon a time.   I believe in Spirits, Afterlife, Reincarnations and anything and everything Extraterrestrial.  Yes, I am just a normal stay-at-home mom!  …always learning, trying, dreaming big and in search of true passion.

On this blog, you will find step by step photos and instructions on tasty food that I love to cook, crafts and jewelries that I am working on, daily random glimpse into my life and thoughts, my blogging and on-line store i.e. Etsy adventures, my occasional travel excursions and any tips I stumble upon along the way that will simply life of a stay at home parent around the globe.

I am hoping to inspire you to waste less, save more, give a little, simplify life, embrace all your beautiful imperfections and live happier… one blog at a time.

My ultimate dream would be to work in my own non-profit organization, finding creative ways to raise money to help disadvantaged children, one child at a time.

I have recently transitioned from the world of blogging as a hobby to venturing into blogging as a profession.  I am learning lots and I want to help and share my experiences and help others to become successful bloggers.  Come and join my blogging journey.

Welcome to my world!

xox Lily.

lily (at) lilydaily (dot) com

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