Incredibly Cheap Haircut

Hey you, Happy sunny Sunday!  It was beautiful out so we decided to go for a drive.  You won’t believe what we’ve discovered on our little adventure…  we found a place to get incredibly Cheap Haircuts.

Incredibly Cheap Haircut

We’re driving along Yonge and Steeles across from the Centre Point Mall.  We saw this huge sign advertising the CHEAP price for a haircut.  It was perfect timing because the kids needed one so we went in.  The place was fairly busy but the wait was short.  The salon was larger than expected, had the basics, nothing fancy.  I thought at this incredibly cheap price, they’ll do a ridiculously fast, careless cut.  But instead, the hairdresser was very detailed and wanted me to confirm every step of the way that what she’s doing is indeed the style I wanted for my child.

15 minutes later, ta-da, new haircut!

Lily Daily - Hair Cici Incredibly Cheap Haircut1Lily Daily - Hair Cici Incredibly Cheap Haircut Lily Daily - Hair Cici Incredibly Cheap Haircut2

How much do you think this is?  Are you sitting down?  Okay…… $6 tax included. Yes, SIX DOLLARS including tax!! (no wash.)  This is much cheaper than the Angel Hair Salon I blogged about before.

Here’s the detail for this hair salon:

Hair Cici

180 Steeles Avenue West, Vaughan


$8 for men – hair cut only, no wash

$6 for children – hair cut only, no wash

This definitely will be our new goto place to get kids haircuts!

‘Till next time,

xox Lily.

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