Latest Knitting Project

This is my Latest Knitting Project.  I always have a knitting project on the go.  I enjoy knitting the most either when I’m watching TV or movies at home or waiting at appointments or kids’ programs since I feel super productive knitting as opposed to just sitting around.  ; D

Latest Knitting Project

This is what I’m working on and what I’ve done so far, can you guess what it is?

My Latest Knitting Project - Body of a Zebra

I’ll give you a hint.  It’s a stuff animal.  Key word being “animal”  ; )

I’m using Loyal Aran Naturally 10 ply 100% machine washable wool in white and for the black yarn, I’m just using my unfinished shawl project, literally knitting it from my incomplete shawl.  I used some to make a hat, I still have more leftovers to make this : D

The pattern is from the book Knitted Wild Animals by Sarah Keen or you can check it out at Ravelry.

I can’t wait to see the finished product!

What is your guess?  Write it in the comments, would love to know.

‘Till next time,

xox Lily.

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