Reach Out – Blogging To Earn Journal Week 6

Major need to reach out.  Sad to admit, I have to say that I had no luck with my last week’s post regarding the link up parties.  Perhaps the information on the websites were not up to date or I was too late to all the parties I tried to attend.  When I visited the party hosts’ sites, I get a message saying that “The collection has closed. Let other people know about it through twitter.”  And of course, once the link-up is closed, there will be no “link up button” visible..  I love the idea of having an ultimate link up party list as included in my post last week, but it just needs to be the latest link up parties that are still active.  I might take up on that project soon   ; )

Reach Out

I think I have been focusing on the wrong stuff from the very beginning.  While it is great to work out all the background technicalities such as SEOs and caches, blogging regularly and focus on content, analyzing the actual traffic numbers, on the other hand, at this point in time, appears to be a time waster.

For starters, each statistical plug-in provides different results for visits and visitors and there are mainly three reasons why:  web crawler detection, detection method used (javascript vs server side PHP) and centralized exclusions.  And between the two widely used ones, WP Statistics and Google Analytics, the variance is hugely significant since plug-ins that use centralized databases, like Google Analytics will have better detections for spam and robots, therefore, more accurate and the numbers will be less than others.

I find even within a plug-in itself, there are some discrepancies.  For example, my visitor and visit results were significantly less in WP Statistics for the past couple of days and I’ve noticed that the traffic from 2 major countries to my blog displayed 0.  I should take this up with WP Statistics and hopefully, they can shed some light.

So In the meantime, there’s no point for me to spend too much time on analyzing the traffic results (so hard not to click on the status though!), rather, I should spend more time on visiting quality blogs and REACHING OUT and building relationships with other bloggers and comment on their posts.  This is repeatedly reiterated in all sources that one of the important ways to market your blog and eventually increase traffic to your site is by building relationship with others so you can help and promote each other’s sites.

I shall give this a go this week.  The result of this will not happen overnight.  It will be a work in progress, like everything else.  Be patient and diligent.  It will come : )

Are there any great link-up parties you recommend?  Are there any other ways you find useful to increase traffic to your site?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

‘Till next time,

xox Lily.

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