SEO All The Way – Blogging to Earn Journal – Week 2

SEO all the way or is SEO really worth spending time on?  I am trying to test the claims on many websites and posts stating that it IS possible to earn a decent living through blogging.  I am posting my weekly progress here so that you can join me and see for yourself whether it is true.  I am VERY excited and curious to see the result!


Last week, the first week, I blogged about focusing on posting on a regular basis, daily, in my case.  There are still lots of room for improvement such as posting the blogs earlier in the day and preplanning my blogs or completing a few in a day in advance so that I can schedule them to post daily but I don’t need to write on a daily basis.  I will continue to work on them until I perfect it! ; )


There are various ways to increase traffic to your site such as being SEO-centric, joining link-in parties, socialize with other bloggers by reading the blogs you enjoy and post genuine comments and try to get to know them, attracting viewers from social medias such as Facebook (Lily Daily.), Pinterest (lilydailyexpres), Instagram (lilydailyboutique), Google+ (lilydailyboutique), Tweeter (@lilydailyexpres), Snapchat (Lily.Daily), etc.  …and yes, I have an account in all of the above, although all of them are work in progress ; )  You can click on the social medias to link into my accounts.

SEO All The Way

This week, I will focus on SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimizer or Search Engine Optimization.  What is that?  What does this mean?  Simply put, if you attach the “right” key words and key phrases to your posts, this will allow the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to place you in a higher ranking when someone does a search on a topic you posted.  This way, if your post is ranked higher, it will appear closer to the front pages of the search results which means increasing the chances of someone clicking on your post and visiting your site.

The interesting thing to all this is what is the “right” key word to use?  Nope, we DO NOT want the word that will generate lots of results, in fact, it is the total opposite.  If the key words used were the most common words that people type in when looking for an item, this will generate, often, millions of results and the chances of you being found is zero to none.  The smart way, or rather the “RIGHT” key words to use are actually using keyword phrases which might generate a much lesser result so the chances of you being found is so much higher.

A good example is my blog from yesterday about how to unclog a dishwasher.  If the keywords I used were “Dishwasher Maintenance”, there are 31 million results, if the keywords were “Unclog A Dishwasher”, there are only 272 thousand results, waaaaay less so the chances of my post coming up towards the top of the page is much higher.


Another important point is regarding naming photos.  Naming your photo is so important since this is another way for the search engines like Google to find your blog.  For example, I name all of my photos starting with Lily Daily.  If you search for that, you’ll find 103 million results.  If you go and view the “images”, my photos actually appear towards the top of the page, which is pretty awesome!

I will focus on SEO this week and let you know how it goes.

‘Till next time,

xox Lily.

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